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In this article, we'll show you how to work with the "Teammates" section in JivoChat.

Employee management is available to the account administrator in the JivoChat app - section "Manage" - "Teammates".

This section displays a list of your team members who have been added to your account, which roles each of them performs, and access to employee settings:

Agent role

Agent - an employee who can respond to incoming customer requests (chats, calls, emails). Agents are indicated by the symbol - ✨. The agent has access to the "Incoming" tab in the Contact Center section, as well as the ability to start a chat with the client in the "Visitors" section.

Employees without agent rights can use the application to communicate with colleagues in team and group chats, make outgoing calls and, if they have administrator rights, outgoing communication with clients. However, the Inbox section will not be available to them.

In order to assign an employee as an Agent, you need to activate the settings switch as shown below:

An unlimited number of employees can be assigned as agents, but your license determines how many of them can simultaneously work with customer requests. If the maximum available number of agents is already logged in the application, then subsequent agents will not have access to the Inbox section, and upon entering the section they will see a prompt:

To log in as an agent, you can open the "Team" section and send a message to the administrator asking to increase the number of licenses, or write to a colleague agent online and ask him to free up a workplace for you (they will need to logout).

Access rights

In addition to the agent role, you can set up a role in the account that determines access rights to information and account settings. To do this, click "Settings" to the right of the employee.

This functionality is available in Professional and Enterprise plans of JivoChat.

Next, in the employee profile you will find a drop-down menu "Access rights" with the ability to assign a role to the employee:

  • Administrator: an employee who has the most complete access to account data - settings, statistics, customer list and conversation history, etc.,
  • Supervisor: an employee who performs the tasks of monitoring and supervising agents,
  • Agent: an employee who works with the application as a user without additional permissions.

A detailed description of each role will be displayed on the right side of the screen when you select that role:

There is also another user role, Account Owner. We'll tell you about it below. Please note that there are no access rights option for the account owner, because the account owner has the maximum access level by default.

Account owner and the ability to delete the account

The default owner of an account is the user who originally registered it. Such a user has special rights and cannot be deleted by other account administrators. Also changing the account owner's settings is not possible for other users.

The account owner has the right to completely delete the JivoChat account. To do so, he/she needs to go to his/her profile settings (Manage > My Profile) and find the following section:

There are two options available:

  • Transfer ownership of the account. Account ownership can be transferred to any account admin. Former owner will become a regular account admin. If you need to delete the user completely, it can be done by any other admin from the user settings.

  • Delete the whole JivoChat account. Perform this action to delete the account and all the account data including clients contacts and teammates. You may refer to this article to backup clients contacts: How to export clients contacts.

To confirm the action, you will need to enter a verification code, which will be sent to the owner's email. You will also be prompted to select the reason for deleting the account.

Your account will be deleted as soon as you insert the code and confirm the action. You will be redirected to the login page afterwards.

Proper distribution of roles is the key to productive and successful teamwork. Do not postpone these settings until tomorrow ;) If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you in the chat.

We hope this article was useful to you and we wish you a nice day!

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