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delivered. Always.
With Apple Business Chat, the conversation with your company appears in the Messages app on the customer's iPhone. Why is it important? Your messages are guaranteed to be delivered, unlike web chat, where the dialogue can be interrupted and lost
Quick shopping
In 2022, the share of mobile traffic has reached 65%*.

To make mobile shopping as comfortable as possible is a priority for a business that wants to boost sales.
*According to SimilarWeb
Convenient communication
With JivoChat, Apple Business Chat users don't have to stay on the site page to engage in a conversation. Messages from your company are delivered instantly at any time. The customer receives a notification as soon as the operator replies
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JivoChat is a platform for fast
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Engage with clients using chat on the site, messengers and social media, phone calls and email, use Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp - all through one convenient JivoChat app
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Frequently asked questions
Where can I find detailed instructions for
Apple Business Chat?
Detailed instructions are here.
Is it free?
Yes, Apple Business Chat is free for all iOS users.
How can customers start a chat using the
Messages app?
Visitors can find companies through search (Maps, Siri),
start a chat by logging into the site from an iOS device,
or by clicking on an Apple-registered phone number.
Does JivoChat support voice messages?
Do I have to sign up to use Apple Business Chat?
Yes, you need to register on and
Is it possible to connect my CRM to Apple
Business Chat?
Yes, this channel supports all JivoChat features, including
integrations and webhooks.