How to generate an invoice through the Affiliate Panel

This tutorial will teach you about the process of generating a invoice through the affiliate panel.

1. Access your Affiliate Panel

First, access your Affiliate Panel by clicking on this link here, enter your login and password and then click on the blue button as shown in the image below:

2) Click on Customers

You will see a button like the one below to access your Customers on your Dashboard, so click on it:

3)Generate an invoice

Identify the customer who wants to generate an invoice, and click on the "Invoice" button, and then on "Subscribe":

4)Select the plan

In this step you will choose which plan your Affiliate will subscribe to, as shown step by step:

  1. Choose the period (monthly, quarterly or annual)
  2. Plan (Basic, Professional or Enterprise)
  3. The number of operators
  4. Create invoice

5)Invoice generated

Now ask the affiliate to access the Jivo app and access the "Billing" tab, then select "Invoice history", choose the last invoice generated and then your partner will be able to choose the subscription payment methods.

Done !

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