How to use the Reminders feature

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You can add Reminders to remind you or one of your agents to perform future actions on a specific conversation with a customer.

To add a reminder inside an existing conversation in your JivoChat application, click the “Set reminder” button on the top right corner of a conversation window.


Next, configure the reminder.


1. Select a day for the reminder to pop-up. You can use the buttons below the day selection as a shortcut to choose a specific date such as “Tomorrow”, “In a week” or “In a month”;

2. Select on which hour of the day the reminder will pop-up and appear in the app;

3. Select which agent will receive the reminder notification;

4. Add a note saying which action should be taken regarding that conversation. The agent selected in 3 will see this note. This field is optional;

5. Click to “Save” the reminder created.

After creating the reminder, it will appear like this inside the conversation in your application.


When the selected date and time comes, a pop-up notification will appear on the device where the agent selected is using the JivoChat application and the chat will automatically appear in their “My dialogs” section. They will then be able to proceed with the action requested inside the reminder.

Please notice that you can create reminders for anyone in the account, including yourself.


After receiving a reminder, don’t forget to “Edit” it to push it forward and add a different note or “Complete” the reminder.

You can also edit or delete a reminder created by yourself or others at any moment from the Archives or while a chat is open in your “My dialogs” section.


If an agent is not available in the app when a Reminder is triggered for them, they’ll still receive that reminder next time they log in one of the JivoChat apps.

That’s it! You will never forget to contact your clients at a future moment anymore!

Do you still have any questions? Our support team will be more than happy to help you 24x7 in the chat on our site.